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ADDITIONS TO THE BLOG as of the 19th April 2015 (NZST): Shamal and her Crew are cruising the Caribbean * Previous voyage maps will now be under the heading "Maps of Previous Voyages". * Should you want to contact us you can do so by clicking on the Contact Us tab below. * We recommend that you subscribe to the Blog, so that new posts are emailed to your inbox.

13 April 2015

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

031 Green Island in Clifton Harbour
Hello Again
St. Vincent is the most northerly and largest Island that make up this country, but Bequia is the northern island in the Grenadines group. We entered St. Vincent and the Grenadines from the south, at Union Island.  This was the Island our son-in-law, Dan, was based on for a time flying a piper-arrow.  Our daughter Brigitte joined him for a short stay.  Neither were impressed with the Island, but it was summer at the time and they had no air-conditioning in the house.  Also the mosquitoes and “no-see-ums” were so bad that they were eaten alive.  For us, well we had a completely different experience.  For a start it is the winter months where temperatures are perfect.  You always have a lovely breeze out on the water, so sleeping at night is not a problem, and as for the bugs, well they are not around yet !!!

07 April 2015

Grenada and Carriacou

064 Nutmegs077 Cloves Grenada – The Spice Island – has 75 miles of coastline with lovely sandy beaches, and an interior of lush tropical mountainous rainforest, and different spice trees which give it it’s name as the ‘Isle of Spice’.  It really is a pretty place. We are now in the southern most Island of the Windward group.  The Windward Islands extend southwards from the Leeward Islands.  Grenada is the southern most, and Martinique the northern most of the group. They are all of volcanic origin.
001 Prickly Bay We drop anchor in Prickly Bay at the southern end of Grenada at 10.00am after an 80nm run up from Trinidad. It was a rather ‘lumpy’ crossing sailing on a close reach with winds between 18-28kts.  We also had a 2kt current pushing us to the east, then it would swing to the west, then back again, for most of the crossing.  This is the first time in ages that I did not feel like dinner, so Alec only got eggs, as I did not want to stay inside for very long !!  Also it was humid. The only positive thing about the trip was that we had a nearly full moon.  That always makes for nice night passages. Twenty five miles north of Trinidad we passed an oil platform all lit up like a Christmas Tree.

29 March 2015

Trinidad and Tobago

Hello Again
005 Fishermen, Scarborough Actually it was Tobago which we arrived at first as it sits slightly to the north east of Trinidad.   We had a good sail down in winds between 14 – 20kts with Lloyd following just behind us. During the night with the radar on, as we were again watching the squalls, we noticed we were having a power problem.  Oh no, Alec very soon discovered it may be getting close to the time when we need to replace the batteries.  Lets just hope they hold on a little longer, but seven and a half years is a good run from them.  New sails needed, now new batteries !!!!
012 Guard outside Bank, ScarboroughTobago is 116 sq. miles, with forested mountains and some lovely bays with white sandy beaches behind coral reefs and coconut palms to the waters edge.  Again it is not one of the more popular sailing destinations due to winds and currents and also a bit out of the way. No real facilities for yachts but some nice bays to anchor.