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ADDITIONS TO THE BLOG as of October 2015 (USET): Shamal and her Crew are STILL cruising the east coast of the US * Should you want to contact them you can do so by clicking on the Contact Us tab below. * We recommend that you subscribe to the Blog, so that new posts are emailed to your inbox.

18 November 2015

Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Return

071 Provincetown Hello again

We left you with the last Post in Provincetown.  It has been to date one of our favourite places. In fact the whole of the Cape Cod area is quite enchanting with charming towns and villages with streets lined with historical old homes. Shops and galleries selling lovely arts and crafts, restaurants with a variety of seafood  - lobster in particular, fresh from the ocean.   US history more or less started in this area so there is no shortage of places to visit and things to see.

Now we are at the beginning of September and quite far north.  With the fall soon to be upon us we must keep moving north and see as much as we can.  Most “normal” folk are now moving south, or thinking very seriously about moving south, for the winter months !!!!!

008 Cohasset

We leave Provincetown on Wednesday 6th September avoiding lobster pots and whales.  We are heading for the town of Scituate, some 30nm away.  We are able to sail all morning, but in the afternoon loose the wind so are motoring again.  Late afternoon we are just off the entrance to what we think is Situate.  I call on the radio to ask if we can pick up a mooring buoy.  The long and short of it is we are not entering Scituate Harbour at all, but Cohasset some 7nm further north !!!!!  Alec had entered Cohasset into the chart plotter.  The harbour master in Cohasset came on the radio to say I was entering her Harbour and yes she would come out and meet us and gave us a mooring for the night.  We all had a good laugh over that one.

30 September 2015

Florida to Rhode Island, then Massachusetts

Hello One and All

Our time in Putnam, Connecticut with our grandchildren was such a joy. We stayed with our son-in-laws parents, where our daughter and and son-in-law are living until they settle into jobs. Tim and Marcia were wonderful hosts.  A GREAT BIG THANKYOU to you both.  As they both work we were needed to mind the Munchkins. Summer in Connecticut is beautiful.  We did outings, and when home Tim and Marcia have set up a wonderful back yard.  It is a real children's playground.
050 Play School036 Matthew looking for yought Then it came time to fly back to Florida and pick up SHAMAL and keep heading north.  We had been called back to Grandparent duties once again at the beginning of August, so decided it would be best to sail directly up to Rhode Island, and do the site seeing on the return trip.
Our return flight took us through Detroit then on to Orlando where once again Ed and Aubrey came to our assistance, picking us up from the airport and driving us back to their home on the waterways in New Smyrna Beach. Aubrey took us out shopping to stock up as we were sailing straight through, a trip of about a week.
030 See Yah Ed So Tuesday 21st July sees us saying farewell to Ed and Aubrey and heading off to the fuel dock.  This will be another long leg and we don’t anticipate stopping.  We hope to head out to sea and pick up the Gulf Current which should give us a good push along.

04 August 2015

Florida – U.S.A.

051 Passing through reef entrance, Provo Hello again.

We were on a pole mooring in Turtle Cove Marina, Providenciales – Caicos, which we had gone in bow to, and only just squeezed in. With the help of a Danish yachtsman we were able to back out with only an inch or so to spare. We followed a mono out through Sellar’s Cut – the opening in the reef, and hoist the sails once more.  Another glorious day with winds from the east at 16kts., some whitecaps and a following sea of 1.5mts.  The evenings are cooler with no moon.  Day 2 and we are able to hoist the MPS and give it another airing.  We are able to fly it until just before midnight when the winds strengthen, so down it came as it is only for winds up to 17kts.