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29 September 2007

Waring's Depart New Zealand by Air

Hello One And All

This is our first letter to you with an update of our progress.

This coming Sunday - 30th September 2007 - we fly out to Sydney, at long long last, to take possession of SHAMAL. We are so-oooo excited as we have had four postponements and a number of frustrating little problems along the way, some of which we still have to deal with when we arrive in Sydney. The company, “Seawind”, told us that on Monday it is all go and we were to meet them at the marina at Birkenhead in Sydney, but, we have since found out that the Monday is a public holiday so we will be waiting till Tuesday. Oh what is another day!! We will be staying with David and Helen Baker’s daughter Wendy till Wednesday when David and Helen will be flying across to join us as they are helping us to bring SHAMAL home. Alex and I will either move onto the boat or find another place to put our heads down till we are able to do so. We will spend two to three weeks in Sydney getting everything sorted before making our way up the coast to the Brisbane area. There we will cruise around till about the end of November and then find a nice break in the weather to come on home. Well that is plan “A” Things could easily change but the great thing is we can do what we want as we have the time to do all this now. We would like to be back in NZ for Christmas.

We will keep you posted from time to time on where we are and what wonderful adventures we are having. We would love to hear from you also, but please do not send us ANY attachments as once we are at sea we will be using a different internet provider and are limited for the time that we will be on line. We are only allocated ten minutes per day and use this time to down load our weather and navigational requirements also. This does not mean that we can’t receive and send emails.

OK will sign off for this note.

Love Alex and Ann

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