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12 November 2008

Winter over in Nelson

Hello Again One And All

I see it is over two months since I last sent a note out but it has been winter and quite a cold and wet one so we have stayed put here in Nelson.

In the middle of September SHAMAL was lifted out of the water for maintaince. Once again I had my heart in mouth as she was lifted. I tell you it is nerve racking seeing your home swinging in mid air. The crane driver must of thought I was somewhat deranged the way I kept reminding him of his responsibilities as I darted around with my camera taking pictures of his every move.

Alec and I then flew home for a few days for his Mum's 90th leaving SHAMAL in the hands of the boys in the yard to start work on her. Mum slept through most of the celebrations but it was good to see at least half the family again. We then did a quick trip down to see my Dad who has had a bit of an up and down time of late but I think will still be with us for his 99th Birthday in December.

It was then back to Nelson to get all those jobs done that one does on your boat on dry land. We are now back in the water. SHAMAL had her hull re-done among other jobs. She is looking like new again and has been cleaned and polished from top to bottom. We have made some changes and added some extras in preparation for the 'big' trip next year. Alec has been busy shopping around for a good supply of spare parts to carry as it may be difficult to source theses in third world countries and waiting around to have them shipped in could be more hassle than it is worth. Mind you in sourcing some parts here in NZ you would think we were in a third world country as we are finding they don't stock what one would call commonly used items for the engines and pumps etc that we have on board. No we are told it will be a two to three week wait while they come from their country of origin. Two to three weeks in this day and age is ridiculous with fast freight!! I have had my sewing machine out making things like storage bags for some of the sheets [ropes] etc. plus I have started to make a quilt.

Think this will be a five year project as I have no idea what I am doing.

The local boating community here are very friendly and most helpful. We have met a lovely couple who also own a catamaran and have it in charter here. They are the couple in one of the photos having wine and cheese onboard SHAMAL out in Tasman Bay - Nick and Bronwyn - who have helped us out with all sorts of jobs and had us to stay in their lovely home while SHAMAL was out on the hard. Then there is this guy Craig who owns a fishing Catamaran who has told us about the good fishing spots. We have been into the Yacht Club a couple of times when local events have been on and were taken out on a Gemini Catamaran one evening for a sail. We have taken people out into Tasman Bay and are getting the Seawind name known here.

Alec's brother and his wife Gabbi who live just outside Nelson have been great to us. First they have gave us transport and then put up with us staying with them also while SHAMAL was out of the water.

We took a drive over to Picton in the Marlborough Sounds during September and brought ourselves two folding bikes. Mine has the 16 inch wheels - kids size and Alec's has the 20 inch wheels - teenagers size. Folding bikes are smaller and we have seen them being used around the marinas by boaties.

Alec says I look like a over grown kid having to peddle twice as fast as him to get anywhere. I don't care as it sure beats walking everywhere.

This last weekend we took Mike and Gabbi for a three day trip up to D'Urville Island at the top of the Sounds. For the trip up and back we had beautiful days but the Saturday was rather wet and windy - gusts up to 40kts. We knew the bad weather was coming and tucked ourselves into a sheltered bay on a good mooring. We still fished and ate blue cod for the three days - just beautiful. Alec dropped the crayfish pot but again no crays but at least no sharks this time. We caught those on the set line!!!

OK will sign out for this note. Thanks to all of you who have sent us emails. Great to hear all your news.

Take care

Love Ann and Alec

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