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10 April 2014

The Approaching 2014 Sailing Season

Christmas in Dubai with the twins
Hello Everyone

This is more of a ‘TEST’ letter to see if I have set up my new computer correctly – well more like seeing if I can use it correctly.  Brigitte did all the setting up for me, and Dan has been great in helping me navigate around the thing.

Our sailing season is fast approaching again.  At this moment Alec and I are back in Abu Dhabi staying with family on our way back to Athens.  We fly out of Dubai on the 15th April  and then catch the bus back to SHAMAL which has spent the winter parked up in Lefkada, Greece.
William in the Christmas Spirit

As you know we left Lefkada in late November and came to Abu Dhabi where we spent Christmas and New Year with daughter Brigitte, Dan and the boys.  Son Murray flew up here from New Zealand to join us.  We did a road trip down to Oman to catch up with friends which is always fun.  We also visited friends in Dubai.  Brigitte and Dan have been great putting up with us for so long.

Matthew with Great Uncle John
By mid-January we were all down in New Zealand.  Murray arrived first followed a week later by Alec and I, then Brigitte, Dan and family a week after us, which gave us time to get Murray’s tiny little Unit ready to fit the seven of us in!!  Brigitte took Dan to the south Island for five days and left Nana, Poppa and Murray to look after the boys.  They were so good for us.  Then we all headed off to the Coromandel for a lovely beach holiday at Hahei for a week. It is one of our favourite beach holiday sites.

We had family come and visit and we travelled around different parts of the North Island visiting family and friends.  One of the highlights was the Art Deco Weekend in Napier where my brother John and his wife Noelene live.  Alec and I did this trip.  This is commemorated each year at the anniversary of the 1931 Napier earthquake which nearly destroyed the old town, and out of the ashes rose the new town with its wonderful buildings in the Art Deco period, which today are beautifully preserved.  The whole town comes out to celebrate in real style many dressing in the period. There are dinners, bands playing, a ball, a vintage car parade, air displays, and then to round it off on the Sunday a picnic along the Marine Parade which was great.  The weather was perfect for the weekend.
Art Deco Weekend, Napier

Dan returned to Abu Dhabi after three weeks as work was beckoning, and Brigitte had arranged to travel back with us as with the twins being under two years of age she cannot travel alone with them.  Plan ‘A’ was for us all to fly out on the 27th March, BUT, Alec had to remain in New Zealand for another week to wait for results on a sunspot biopsy. Thank goodness it came through negative or he would have needed surgery.  The downfall of our sailing adventures with a fair skin !!  But we do keep a close eye on things and he has regular check-ups.
Boys at Cathedral Cove, Coromandel

So Brigitte and I looking like a small band of pilgrims moving country with our 11 pieces luggage, (it is amazing how much stuff one needs with when travelling with toddlers) flew out here without Alec.  I have to admit the boys were very good, but Brigitte and I got no sleep. We put the headsets on them and put on Micky Mouse which kept them occupied for ages.
Ann and Judith, Dubai

When we arrived back in Dubai I said good-bye to Brigitte and the boys for a few days and Dan took them home to Abu Dhabi, and I went and stayed with our boating buddies Judith and Graham.  Judith had taken a couple of days off work and we did some site seeing together including a boat trip along the coast and up into Dubai Creek.
Opito Bay, Coromandel

We hope this finds our readers all fit and well and with Adventures of your own to for full this year.

Opoutere Beach, Coromandel
We will give you updates where and when we can

Much love from

The Admiral and the Commander

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