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03 November 2014

SHAMAL'S Crew Go "Fresh Water" Boating

Kiwi Dragon in Lancaster
Hello Again
As I sit and write this blog we are now back in New Zealand – ONLY temporarily – sorting out Alec’s Pension.  Yes we thought we had it all settled, but it came down to this particular department wanting one to be back in the country to do this!!!!  We hope to return to La Linea – Spain – just outside Gibraltar – by the end of this month. 

Lancaster Canal, Reflections
Spring has arrived in NZ with its typical weather – warm, cold, wet, dry, sunny, cloudy, etc., etc.  It is good to be home to catch up with family and friends, particulary son Murray – the Shore Manager! We are also catching up with health, eye and dental check-ups.  We are doing the rounds of the boat shops getting spare parts and comparing prices on parts.  SHAMAL needs some work doing before we do the Atlantic crossing.

Clothesline "wipe out"!!!
We left Gibraltar and flew to England, then took the train north to Lancaster where we joined Alec’s sister and her Husband on their Narrow Boat.  We had such a great time.  Again many many thanks Maggie and Kenny for such a great holiday, and letting us experience life on fresh water.  Alec did take the helm of their 53ft Narrow Boat “Kiwi Dragon” (Maggie being a Kiwi and Kenny Welsh), but it is debatable if he has passed his Captains ticket!!  After passing under one of those wonderful old arched stone bridges and wiping out the clothes line on the back, we stopped at the next town to replace it.  Only a short time later passing under another bridge, he so nearly did it again!!

Alec's "wipe out" bridge!!
Apart from experiencing life on the canal, including passing through some locks, they also took us up into the Lake District where we spent a couple of days walking some of the paths which are absolutely beautiful, particularly with all the autumn colours.  Hence I have decided not to write out a long account this time, but add photos just to show you what it was like.  I spent part of one day sitting up front of the Narrow Boat just awed by the reflections and the autumn colours.

So we will leave you with our photos and hope you enjoy them.
Love from
Evening on the Canal

Maggie & Alec in Lake District

Reflections, Lancaster Canal
Ann, Lake District
The Admiral and The Commander (back on probation – after the clothes line incident!)

Kiwi Dragon in a Lock
Rosie on watch
Lake District

Rydal Hall, Lake District

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  1. Pray the pension is sorted so you get back on the Shamal and continue your wonderful adventures. Beautiful photos as always and the wipe out caught my attention and was relieved to read it was only the clothes line..phew. Much love to you both. Your kids in Oman xx