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15 November 2007

Coffs Harbour - Gold Coast - Brisbane

Hello Again

We are now sitting in Coffs Harbour

I have just arrived back to the boat from a visit ashore to find Alex and a mechanic aboard still working on the engines. Murray your cabin which houses the starboard engine under the bed [and which we have nick-named “the garage” as it houses everything that has not got a home yet and maybe never will so your double bed might be a very slim single by the time you join us!] was in a sorry state. Everything had been emptied out and is all over the place. We look like real sea gypsies, not Ann’s organised state!!!!

OK that was all about a week or so ago. I really do seem to lose track of the days at the moment. After leaving Coffs we had a day – night – day sail to Brisbane. Joye my watch was from 3.00am to 6.00am. I am just glad I don’t do that one every night. We didn’t reach the Gold Coast till mid afternoon so decided to call into Southport on the Gold Coast. We still needed the lift out to change the sail drive oils from each of the engines. The first marina did not have a big enough sling so we found ourselves motoring up the inner waterways to the Gold Coast City Marina about 10k inland from the sea. This was quite an experience as we passed huge homes along the banks. We ended inland past the Sanctry Cove Marina. This was a great place to have work done and as there is every type of boat workshop on this complex. We ended up staying a couple of nights.

Alex’s brother Richard and his wife Kayleen came down from Brisbane by train first thing on Saturday morning, and after a yummy breakfast at the Marina Cafe we motored up the inner waterways towards Brisbane. There were sandbanks everywhere and we hit the bottom twice which really worried Helen, but so did half the other boats who were in the area. We just backed up and took a slightly deeper course when we found it. Was tons of fun and so interesting. We came out into Morton Bay mid afternoon and had a lovely sail up to the Manly Marina where we spent a night. Alex and Richard went out and got fish and Chips. Next morning we carried on up the bay and around into the Brisbane River again watching out for all the sand banks. We have anchored in the river in the middle of the city right in front of the City Gardens. The spot is perfect. There are pile moorings in front of us but none were available but we were given a key to use the facilities so we did all the laundry and can have showers ashore saving our water on board. It is a five minute walk to the centre of town. At the moment Alex and I are spending a couple of nights with Richard and Kayleen at their place. David and Helen are still on the boat. On Sunday we hope to head on up the coast to Mooloolaba and spend about a week there. We have other friends we would like to contact there.

Many thanks to all who have dropped us a line. Jooley I do not like the idea of gravy powder or tea bags to start a sun tan. The sun has come out at long last and the body is slowly changing colour. Its great as I don’t know many people so I have got past worrying. I even went out and got a couple more pairs of shorts!!

I will sign off for this note. Again thank you to you all for writing. Take care

Love Ann and Alec

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