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10 November 2007

Pittwater to Coffs Harbour

Hello Again

Another update of our progress up the New South Wales Coast 

On the 29th Oct around mid day we left Pittwater for Port Stephens.  That was a day – night sail arriving in Nelson Bay-Port Stephens at 8.00a.m. 72nm. We were to get jobs done including the 50 hour engine service but it was far too-ooooo expensive, and the people were not very helpful.  The marina fees were a killer at just over $100 per night, but we found we could stay in the marina from 8.00a.m. till 5.00p.m. on the guest berth free of charge.  So we would arrive at the berth each morning, and then make sure we were back on the boat before 5.00pm and then motor out of the marina and pick up a free guest mooring bouy for the night. Helen and David were able to catch up with friends there which was great.  We stayed till the 2nd Nov exploring around the area which included a bus trip back to Newcastle which we had passed by on the way up.  We then headed off to Coffs Harbour. That was a day – night – day sail. 116nm.

We got no work done on SHAMAL here as the winds got up and we were unable to be hauled out for the sail drive oil to be changed. In fact we got into the Habbour just before a cold front passed through.  The next day I was quite happy to be in port watching the seas breaking over the break water, and not having to be out at sea.  We explored the township, went for walks, did loads of washing and stocked up again with supplies and fuel, and in the evening found somewhere to eat.  It sounds like we do nothing but eat.  I find we can buy fresh which is always nicer than tinned stuff.

Ok will sign out for this post

Lots of love

Ann and Alec 

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