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08 June 2008

Auckland to Tauranga

Hello To You All

Yes we are on the move again at long last. Tonight we are tied up to the Guest Warf at the Whitianga Marina on the East Coast of the Coromandel Peninsula. A lovely spot. Last night we anchored in Jacksons Bay right at the top of the Peninsula after a day’s motoring from Auckland in dead calm seas without a breath of wind and with the sun out all the way. It was much the same today. I was able to set up my deck chair on the forward deck and take in my surroundings. It was absolutely beautiful watching the sea birds working the schools of fish – and yes I had my line out again but no luck. We really do have quite a majestic coastline when you can view it from where I was sitting!! We only got the sails up for a run in, in the last hour. Tomorrow we have people to take out for a test sail so hope we have some wind.

Last Wednesday Alec and I flew out to Brisbane to the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show where we were invited by the Seawind Company to help sell boats, and I did a seminar each day on Sailing From A Woman’s Prospective. It all went very well and Alec and I really enjoyed ourselves even though we worked long and hard. It is such a great company and they are a fun team. We returned to Auckland late Monday night.

Three Days Later. Well we did that test sail in Whitianga on Monday and the couple really loved the boat. Time will tell whether or not they buy. Then Yesterday morning we left Whitianga and sailed out to Mayor Island. A trip of 42nm. By mid afternoon the winds had increased to 20-25ks and the seas had got up as well so it was very nice to tuck into South East Bay on the Island. We spent the night there and then headed out this morning into the same seas and wind conditions, but only for about an hour and a half as the winds dropped and went around to the South – right in the direction we were heading so it was a bit of a slog for a while. In the end Alec decided to down sails and we motored on to Tauranga and are now tied up at the new Bridge Marina. Very nice here. We got the boat all washed down this afternoon and I did some general cleaning inside as well. We then went ashore for showers as I put a load of washing on at the laundry at the same time. We will be here for at least a week as we have more test sails to do, and both Murray and Brigitte will join us for the next leg around the East Cape. Yes Brigitte is home on leave from her job in Saudi for a couple of months which is nice. Once she goes back the contract is a month on and a month off. All right for some!!

Terry and Donna thanks so much for your email. Great to hear all your news. Don’t think we will be in Tampa by 2010 as there is too much to see along the way. Maybe you will have to find us on your way home and come and have a holiday at the end of your contract with us in some exotic location. Dad is fine but he did give us a bit of a fright just before we left to go to the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show and John called us all down to Napier as he was in hospital. But with a blood transfusion he is back in top condition again. Actually I think he just wanted to see us all again!!

Danna thank you so very much for taking the time to join us at the Boat Show. It was great to catch up again. And don’t forget you have a trip up the QLD coast booked for next year!!

Alma and Mac. Thanks for your note. Mac you must be in top form again with your new hip. Great. We will be coming to visit you again sometime when we get back to that part of the world. Maybe you should think about joining us for a holiday!!

Jane. Thanks for your note. We WILL catch up again one of these days.

Vivienne and Michael thanks for all your news. Brigitte may be in Christchurch when you come over. We will work something out and try to catch up. Take good care of each other.

OK will keep you posted once we are on the move again.

Take care one and all

Lots of love

Ann and Alec

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