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21 June 2008

Tauranga to Napier

Hello Again One And All

Just a quick update to let you know where we are.

Well we are now sitting in Napier. We arrived last Saturday late in the afternoon after a five day and one night sail from Tauranga. We had a great stay there, of about a week. We caught up with some lovely friends of my brother John, who lent us a 4x4 and invited us to their place on the outskirts of the city for dinner. We ended up staying the night with them. We also took out two different couples one afternoon who are interested in the Seawind. It was a beautiful day and we had good winds for the test sail and they really enjoyed their time out. We were able to sail down the harbour through the entrance past Mount Maunganui and out to sea for a few miles. In fact Alec has had a call from one guys who wants to drive all the way down here to Napier so we can take his wife out and show her how the boat handles.
We left Tauranga on the morning of Wednesday 11th with Murray and Brigitte on board, and sailed out to White Island where we anchored for the night – 54nm. The Island was puffing away so we anchored upwind of the sulphur smelly steam and smoke as we read it can be corrosive to your boat and sails. Well unbeknown to us there was an earthquake there the next morning as we left, and a warning was put out to all boaties to stay away for a few days. Isn’t it just like Alec and I to be around in the midst of things!!

That day we sailed on to Waihau Bay towards the East Cape with winds getting up to 30ks plus coming from the west – 37nm. We anchored in the bay and were going ashore to have dinner in the local Pub. I was looking forward to crayfish as the area is renowned for them, but it was too rough. So Alec dropped his new cray pot but sadly it was empty in the morning when he pulled it up. We were rocked to sleep as the wind kept up all night!!

Next morning it was off out around Cape Runaway into 2.5 – 3mt seas. By the time we got to East Cape [a distance of some 30nm.] the wind had died and we rounded the Cape and motor sailed nearly all the to Napier doing a night sail, as we decided not stop in at Gisborne - 108nm for that leg. Murray was so funny as he decided he was doing the full night watch. So as each of us came up for our turn there was Murray wide awake. By early dawn he and flaked out and stayed that way well into the morning.

After just rounding the East Cape I caught two Kahawai which I smoked, and then a little further on a nice King fish. That went into the freezer. As I said we arrived in Napier late Saturday afternoon. That evening we caught up with my brother John and his wife Noelene and all went out to dinner and to watch the All Blacks England rugby game. Since arriving we have been visiting with Dad each day and he has been down to the boat a few times. In fact I thought he was going to stay on board with us one night as it was hard to get him off. He is really looking forward to a sail so we hope the weather will be good for him this coming Sunday. We have also kept ourselves busy doing cleaning and odd jobs on the boat. Alec has made this wonderful bait board which folds down in front of the BBQ when not in use, and can also be used as an extra table when not being used as a bait board.

Tomorrow morning we are off to the local ‘Farmers Market’ which is really good. We have hired a small car for a few days which has made life a lot easier.

OK will keep posted to our travels.

April, thanks so much for taking the time to pay us a visit. Was great to catch up again and we will stop in on the way North in a few months.

Ann and Colin, great to catch up with all your news. Do enjoy your summer travels in your motor home.

Vivienne, Thanks for being the courier for the ‘far flung kingdom’. Brigitte had no idea that another envelope was being sent through to you. Just bring in over with you along with the computer and once you are in NZ give me a call.

Take care on and all

Lots of love

Ann and Alec

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