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12 December 2007

Crossing the Tasman Sea - Bundaberg to Lord Howe Island, Day 4

Well we are still watching watching watching!!!! Another just too perfect day wind wise. Motor sailing yet again but in the last 24hrs we have had some time under sail only. We are all fine. No seasickness from anyone. We have that same bird which is following us. Think he is still waiting for me to catch him a meal. Line still out and nothing! We did watch the flying fish for some time yesterday. They are about the size of a small bird and can go for about 20mt or more. We passed a yellow buoy about an hour ago so circled round to pick it up only to find it attached to something. Looked like a long chain. We left well alone. Who knows how it arrived there as it did not appear to be moving?

Dad and I did the midnight to 6.00am watch and had a bute thunder storm with a great lighting show for about half an hour.

OK as you can see life on the high seas is full of interesting stuff. We could clean and all that, but who wants to when no one is coming to visit! Helen is making lunch so will away and eat.

Take care

Lots love

Ann and Alec

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