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24 December 2007

Lord Howe Island, Australia to Opua, New Zealand - Day 5

At this moment we are doing 8 1/2 kt. Not bad going. The seas have dropped since yesterday thank goodness as we really did have an interesting ride. White water and greenies coming breaking up over the front cabin windows!! We were still able to do between 7 - 8 kt then. Poor Helen really did have an off day not felling at all well. Alec and I seem to have good stomaches but from time to time I have taken a tablet just to make sure I won't fell sick.

Oh I have had my fishing line out nearly all the way. No bloody fish in this part of the Tasman. Also no other human life out here. Have not seen a ship. Alec got the radar back working this morning.  Hope it does not give out on us again.

Spent enough time at the computer so will up for some fresh air!!!

Love Ann

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