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21 December 2007

Lord Howe Island, Australia to Opua, New Zealand - Day 2

Hi Guys

Bob McDavitt and his passage plan is full of shit.
At the moment we are motor/sailing into confused seas at a mere 5.5 Kts.
Still waiting for a wind change any direction will do.
Wind easterly 15/20 Kts. and I mean EAST. Right on the nose.

Well here we are day two and only about 160nm off Lord Howe Island heading for North Cape. I can see this is going to be a long slow trip unless the winds change. We are slamming head on into Eastlies. We took a tack to the north last night but got about 60 miles off track. This morning we headed south but there is a nasty front down there which we have been advised not to head for so we are now on our rhumb line making for North Cape.

Cooking, eating and sleeping are all a bit of a challenge but we are all fine. Hopefully we will have settled into the swing of things after tonight.

So no worries just pray for some good winds in the right direction for us.

OK will away for this note. Looking at a good eight days ahead of us.

Lots of love

Alec and Ann

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