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06 December 2007

Maryborough to Bundaberg

Hello Again

Well this is it. We have made it safely to our furthest point north for this trip. We will now be making preparations for the trip home!!!!

We were up at 10 past 4 yesterday morning and leaving the berth at 4.40 to make our way back down the Mary River on the incoming tide. It was a three hour trip out into the Great Sandy Strait. We motored sailed nearly all the way covering 71nm. It was hot and sunny and for a good part we had little or no wind at all. When it came it was from the north east again – just the way we were heading!

We are at the Bundaberg Port Marina which is about 18ks from town. Today we are all a little tired so will stay around here and do jobs here. Alex has had a man on board trying to fix our very expensive boat email system which has not worked since we got the boat. He has gone away with cables etc, so hope this time it will work.

Helen and I will make a few meals for the freezer and check what supplies we still need. We are taking the local bus into the town tomorrow. We found a shop here at the marina with huge king prawns so I have them in a marinade for the BBQ tonight - yum This is also quite a big fishing port.

Thursday. We have just been into town for the day. It is up the river but we took the bus. About 18k by road. It is warm, warm, warm here at the marina but we get a lovely sea breeze as we are down by the river mouth. Up in town without the breeze it got quite sticky. “Bundy” township – as the locals call it – is really nice. It has great wide streets with trees and parking down the middle. There are plenty of shops and we were able to pick up most of our supplies. Helen and I will pop back again in the morning to top up on the “fresh” stuff.

Ed you will be pleased to hear we have seen “ Easy Breeze ll “ and she looks fine. They left the outboard on the tender. Just thought I would mention that.

So it is countdown to when we are leaving. Alec is a present on the computer downloading weather, and will do so over the next few days, and as we visited customs this morning we will leave when there is an “open window”. At this stage it could be around Monday or Tuesday. First leg is to Lord Howe. There we wait again till we get another window. At customs we found out we can check out of Australia there which is a big help as we can leave here any time. So dear friends your prayers for fair weather and favourable conditions would be much appreciated.

Depending on how it all goes but I might be able to send you a report from somewhere out there in the ‘big blue’

Will close for now, and to family and friend in NZ we would like to be there for Christmas, but it will depend on the weather. Have a drink for us if we are still at sea, but if we are back we will be joining family.

A Very Merry Christmas to you all

Ann and Alec

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